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2015 has been a pretty incredible year for music; the running tab I kept for top 10 albums of the year was maxed out by mid-summer. And at this point, most publications have already rushed out their AOTY posts to get those extra clicks in as the year winds down. Which means that just about any album that gets released this late in the year is going to more or less be passed over as some of the previous hits are brought back into the spotlight once more. Unless, of course, it is one truly badass album, one that deserves...

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Welcome to Metal Beard Club. We're unabashed metal heads. We're fans of beards. We're fans of US made products. We weren't happy with what was on the market, so we made these ourselves with the highest quality ingredients we could get our grubby hands on. We bring you the best f@cking beard oils, and waxes we can cook up. Join us. 

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