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Dr. Boner has developed a new wash for when things go sub-zero. So whether you’re stuck on a crabbing boat in the Bering Sea, or huddled in the back of a 15-passenger this winter, stay fresh you dirty, dirty boy. All of the same fantastic qualities of the original Dr. Boner’s wash but with a fresh mint scent and sweet, sweet pine. 

And yes...this one tingles too.


Typical washes and shampoos have SURFACE ACTIVE AGENTS. STAY AWAY. These chemicals rob your beard of its natural oils and nutrients. Dr. Boner's Beard Wash is a natural Castile soap which leaves your beard feeling full, nourished, and clean. Follow it up with some oil and you'll be all set.



Note- Due to the nature of our product creation and raw, mostly organic Castile soap ingredient sourcing process, some ingredients may differ slightly from the label. Contact us with any questions about specific ingredients.