A group of bearded jerk off metal heads making beard products for the masses.
Because you don’t like deep v t-shirts, girly pants, and LA fashion parties with designer drugs. Oh and body glitter. You don’t like body glitter.
We think we’re making some of the best products around, and we’re here to entertain ourselves, and we’re pretty sure if we can make our cynical, overly critical selves happy we can make you jerks happy.
HA!…you said package, and it should take 7-14 business days once you’ve submitted your cart. We hand-make the stuff in small batches, so sometimes we need to make a new batch mid-month.
We process your recurring orders based on your original order date. So if you ordered on the first, we’ll process the next order on the 1st of the following month. The ship date could be 1-2 weeks after we process the charge depending on our current batch availability.
How much ya got? No, really it comes down to how much you want to spend. Shipping is flat-rate at $3.99.
First off it’s “may”. We can’t speak to your abilities to make life-changing decisions. We can only encourage you to choose wisely here, and order more beard products…but yes you can choose from our size and product offerings to suit your needs.
No those are one-time order purchases. Seriously?
Sure. Leave. We don’t care. Just log in to your account and cancel it.
We accept all major credit cards…and firstborns. US Currency only. And no checks. NO. CHECKS.