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Winter is here. Everything’s dead. Awesome. In honor of our favorite season, not only are we donning our corpse paint and running through the forest, we’ve headed north of the wall to create our favorite winter scent: Raven’s Eye.

Take some woods, a little mint, and some molasses to sweeten it for our old ladies’ pleasure. Get some while supplies last.


All MBC oils are a blend of four carrier oils: Almond, golden jojoba, argan, and castor, plus essential and scent oils.
Almond oil:
The use of almond oil for skin and hair has been recorded far back in history due to its nutrient-rich composition. It was used in ancient China to treat various dry skin conditions and has been used throughout history to maintain healthy skin and hair. Almond oil is also a mild pain reliever as well as anti-dandruff, making it a perfect tool to reduce itch and cut down on flaky beards which fuck up your black Metallica shirt. On top of all of that, Almond Oil contains Vitamin A which may reduce acne.
Jojoba: Jojoba is actually a wax, which has a very low melting point. This means it is liquid at room temperature and does not feel as oily or greasy as other oils. Since it closely mimics natural skin oils, it is a fantastic facial and hair moisturizer. It also works to control oily skin by tricking your skin into thinking it's oilier than it is, so your skin slows down oil production. Seems counter-intuitive, but it works!
Jojoba oil is also an antifungal and antibacterial. Many of our users go on tour and don't always have access to proper showers. While the oil won't stave off a bout of measles, it will prevent mold and bacterial growth. Jojoba also contains Vitamin A and E which help prevent acne and help contribute to healthy hair and follicles.
Argan oil, while providing many of the benefits of Jojoba and Almond oil, is fantastic as a leave-in conditioner for hair and beards. Argan prevents frizz and flyaway hairs, as well as helps repair damaged beard hair split ends. Some research indicates Argan oil may contribute to hair growth. Overall, it is a fantastic hair conditioner and nourishing tool.
Castor oil is a heavier oil that contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and proteins with an unusually high ricinoleic acid ratio. Ricinoleic acid is a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory. Since most of our customers have big beards, the added weight of castor oil helps to shape the beard, without sacrificing shine. Castor oil is also often recommended for hair and beard growth due to the high concentration of nutrients.
These oils are blended together at the optimal ratio to promote beard and skin health.
Next, we add the essential oils and scent oils. These oils are intended to smell nice, while providing some therapeutic benefits to the wearer and people around them. Below are some of the benefits of essential oils used:
Soothes inflammation
Incent repellant
memory booster
Get it on your face.